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winning entry for the amsterdam light festival 2013

exedra – keldermanspoort Hulst

honourable mention competition 2013
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helsinki central library

competition 2012
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Store layout & element J

furniture design for kinki hairdressers at the overtoom amsterdam
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wide wall storage

furniture design – realized – 2012
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A101 UU Block Moscow

competition 2011. The plan proposes a univocal urban prototype with possibilities for flexibility, transparency and a diverse identity within the urban block.
The urban block is seen as an organising device on the basis of a U-block measuring 25 by 25 meters,
making different sizes and configurations possible relating to the density, site specifics and orientation.
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changing the face

competition 2011. Special buildings deserve a podium. The “Rossija cinema” in Moscow has a rich history, once the largest cinema in the country and often used for the national film festival.
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creative crash
helsinki central library
wide wall storage
changing the face
kinki overtoom
A 101 mass tab
safe trestles
folded steel table
house for a barber

And the Battle has commenced!!!


joost van bergen

Joost van Bergen (1977) founded ateljvb to experiment with and to explore other disciplines next to a job at an architectural firm.

Joost van Bergen is a practical skilled architect. He graduated at the Higher Technical School of Utrecht in 2001, after an architectural seminar at the Bauhaus in Dessau. With his graduation project about aesthetic pollution on façades he received a honourable mention from the Bouwned Graduation Award jury in 2002. The project was finally published in BTon magazine 2008.
Since his graduation he has been working in different Amsterdam based architectural offices. During these years he managed diverse projects as a designer/ architect on different scales and locations. In the design and implementation of all these projects he developed a passion for conceptual detailing and materials. In October 2009 he received his Masters Degree from the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture with a diverse housing project for the mentally ill.
In 2012 he started working with Dirk Schlebusch and Onne Walsmit as VENIVIDIMULTIPLEX designing and realising interdisciplinary, interactive installations.


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eerste keucheniusstraat 8hs
1051 HR Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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