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keldermanspoort – hulst – competition – 2013 – honourable mention
in collaboration with KM8

The municipality of Hulst intends to transform the Keldermanspoort into an open-air theatre. Alongside the recon- struction of the city centre, Hulst aims to improve the public space, thus becoming more attractive for the public. Exedra functions as a stage for the city and simultaneously for the Keldermanspoort, rotating above the old Watergate. It forms the urban interior space and is in harmony with the old gate.
The monumental status of the ruins is not affected by the implementation through the transparency and the concentric orientation. The roof can be unfolded through the steel construction of the baluster. Tent cloth can be spanned between the unfolded steel constructions to form a shell membrane. The base and the foundation of Exedra form the contra weight of the structure. The public space can be inhabited as a small or large visible stage, depending on the event itself.
Exedra functions as a rotating tribune, where it can anticipate on the specific performances and be incorporated into performance itself. Three possible scenario’s can take place; an intimate small performance, a large performance within the gate and a large performance outside the gate, the Keldermanspoort.