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changing the face

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cinematic Veil – changing the face – competition – 2011
in collaboration with jan bart bouwhuis

cinematic veil
Special buildings deserve a podium. The “Rossija cinema” in Moscow has a rich history, once the largest cinema in the country and often used for the national film festival. It was designed as icon, the building still is, and should be treated that way. We will restore the old facade to it’s original state and making it sustainable. This value increases when the experience of the new facade is enhanced.
At the moment, the space around the building is not used as well as intended originally. This intentional idea is resurrected and strengthened by making a clear space in front of the cinema connecting well with the side galleries. This new podium offers the visitors a new place to be. Secondly it creates an uninterrupted viewing area of the new building. n the meantime, the facade of the Pushkin Cinema is restored, resembling it’s original state and including the detailing which is typical for it’s birth-period. Around this renewed icon a very transparent veil is put up. It consists of high-strength, durable and weatherproof Kevlar-fibre strings which are set spaced evenly on rotating discs at the top and bottom. By turning these discs the view to and from the building can be adapted to suite any circumstance, turning them non-synchronised, results in varying patterns
When seen from the right angle (for instance when approaching by car) the strings act as a screen. Perpendicular views to the building show a transparent wrapping, becoming clearer as one approaches the building. The veil is held up by an elegant structure suspended on columns. This Corian clad ‘aureole’ is accessible from street and podium level by stairs and an elevator. From this level a great view can be enjoyed before or after a movie or just when strolling by the cinema. At the back part of this aureole is a compact accommodation, where drinks and snacks can be served.. The Pushkin cinema will recapture it’s earned spot in the city again and make people curious what’s to see behind it’s new face