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A 101 mass tab

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A 101 mass tab – moscow – competition – 2011
in collaboration with KM8 en thomas van nus

The plan proposes a univocal urban prototype with possibilities for flexibility, transparency and a diverse identity within the urban block.
The urban block is seen as an organising device on the basis of a U-block measuring 25 by 25 meters, making different sizes and configurations possible relating to the density, site specifics and orientation.
The public, collective and private space lead to a structure on three levels; the wall for a clear demarcation between the public and private, the interweaving of the collective and private for each individual U-block and a collective courtyard with parking facilities corresponding to the urban block.
Transporting the ground from the central courtyard to the perimeters of the urban block creates a landscape with height differences. The collective spaces are laid out in a park-like environment with interwoven parking spaces.
The U-block is autonomous and has one frontdoor, or is it a backdoor, leading to a secluded green courtyard relating to a mixture of housing typologies. The apartments have a linear organization with conservatories within the volume.
The high and low densities are laid out in a similar scheme with the exception of the ‘parking–table’ and the inhabitation of the landscape. The plan is suitable for a phased development with sufficient differentiation of the public space.